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A little over ten years ago, Sam Martinez started bringing his granddaughter to Wednesday night Church services at Christian Life Church; his granddaughter then invited her friends and before he knew it, Sam was transporting 10 or more children from his neighborhood each week for services- Sam’s Kids.

Bobby Barker and Linda Foraker noticed the number of children Sam was transporting each week and knew something had to be done; Before you knew it, a van ministry was in the works. The Church authorized the use of the church’s vans to be used to transport the children safely to and from church services.

The number of children requesting transportation and inclusion in church services was on the rise and the needs of these children became apparent; Bobby and Linda worked together to expand from just a church van ministry to encompass a greater mission and formed an Independent 503c non-profit, charitable organization to continue this worthwhile endeavor.

This was the birth of Jesus & Me Kids Ministry – encouraging the leaders of tomorrow to live with Jesus in their lives today.

Ours is a ministry of encouragement, fellowship and teaching by providing:

  • Safe transportation to and from church services and activities (including snacks and meals)
  • Weekly & monthly bible studies and prayer services
  • Educational tutoring
  • Community outreach opportunities
  • Scholarships – school fees

Jesus & Me Kids Ministry has grown over the years and now participates with New Life Austin Church for weekly Sunday Services and spiritual support.

Jesus & Me Kids Ministry is an independent organization. We rely on the generosity of the community to fund the Ministry. All those who work in the ministry are volunteers – all donations are used in the service of the children – to provide: meals, snacks, transportati on, school activity fees, entry fees for educational field trips, community outreach supplies and small scholarships for college bound graduates.

The link below provides our Exemption Verification Letter on the State Controllers Website.


We thank you for your generosity, support and prayers.

In Loving Memory

Sam Martinez

Sam Martinez

Lavonne McMannis

Lavonne McMannis