Our History

       Sam Martinez was a man devoted to Jesus Christ. He knew the importance of attending church and encouraged his granddaughter to attend with him. He began taking her to Sunday service. Soon, her friends became curious and wanted to attend also. As much as he could, "Grandpa Sam" would pile the children into his small car and drive them to church. Eventually, the number of children outgrew the space in his car, and Sam reached out to his friends Bobby Barker and Linda Foraker for help and advice. The three began working together to bring all the children to church.

        The trio was granted permission from their Senior Pastor, Rex Johnson, to use the two church vans to transport the children when the number grew from eight to eventually forty. Children from the Dove Springs neighborhood were picked up and driven to church every Wednesday evening and Sunday morning.

       Sam passed away suddenly in late 2007, shortly after the bus ministry began. Even after his death, children from his neighborhood continued to request to come to church. Their desire for more of Jesus sparked a ministry which continues to grow.

       Now, what was unofficially known as "Sam's Kids" has transitioned into Jesus & Me Kids Ministry. Over the years, numerous children from the Dove Springs, Montopolis neighborhoods, and surrounding areas have visited Christian Life Church, children's church, youth ministries, and/or attended the bible studies provided. The ministry continues to grow by word-of-mouth, as the children hunger for more of this Jesus they have discovered.