The Kids

The Kids

Our Kids are our future.  Our mission is to LOVE, TEACH, & EMPOWER inner-city children in their journey toward their God-given purpose. 

The Gentlemen - G.A.N.G.

 The boys in this G.A.N.G. (God's Apostles of the Now Generation) may appear like kids out looking for trouble. In truth, they are responsible, God fearing young men who are working to overcome some of life's challenges and spread the good news of their faithful friend Jesus Christ to their generation. 

The Ladies- First Love

These are some of the young ladies of "First Love" ages 9-17. Their desire is to put Jesus first in their lives. We realize living for Christ can sometimes be challenging for the youth of today. We are here to encourage these young ladies with their spiritual growth through prayer, Bible study and active services within the church and community. We will biblically discuss difficult issues, such as peer pressure, sex, family, school, and or suicide. It is God's Word that will give them strength for a steady walk when times are hard and uncertain.